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Mediterranean Pelagia Nortiluca

Ahoy me hardies!!!!! This here be the nasty stingin’ animal found in the Mediterranean… In Greek Pelagia means “of the sea”, nocti stands for night and luca means light thus Pelagia noctiluca can be described as a marine organism with the ability to glow … Continue reading

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Captain Stingbad discovers killer jellyfish..

Argh Mates!! Cast us to the deep seas, we’ve found a killer jellyfish Matey’s…our trusty crew found this Aegina citrea jellyfish in the deep and this yellow creature actually feeds on other jellyfish…Speakin of that mates, the ocean’s sea turtle … Continue reading

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Jellyfish Discovery

Follow the Captains trail across the oceans of the world in search of Jellyfish and marine science excitement.  Battle the elments with the Captain as he plunges to unknown depths to find marine animals of all sizes, colors, and discoveries. … Continue reading

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