Sand Jellyfish…

Sand Jellyfish (Rhopilema asamushi or Rhopilema esculenta) is a species of jellyfish from the genus Rhopilema. Other species of jellyfish belonging to this group include Rhopilema hispidum and Rhopilema nomadic. They are inhabitants of the Indian Ocean and are found in locations like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, China and some parts of the North Atlantic coastline. This species of jellyfish is very to rare to find in marine waters around the American coastlines.

Sand jellyfish is so called because of their distinct coloration and because the surface of the skin appears to have a granular texture.  We do know that the jellyfish are capable of stinging because there are records of humans being stung by them. The effects of the sting are known to be mild, usually resulting in an itchy rash and a burning sensation. A more severe effect can occur in a sensitive individual or if one has an allergic reaction to the toxins present in the venom.

Are You Protected?

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