Marine Biologist Chad Widmer..PhD student University of St. Andrews..Edinburgh Scotland..Northernmost Fulbrighter

For those of you that have read our StingMate postings, at the end of each post where we note source references, you have seen data from our friend and technical and scientific associate, Chad Widmer..PhD student, University of St. Andrews, Edinburgh Scotland, Northernmost Fulbrighter..Chad was most recently the Head Aquarist for the world class jellyfish exhibit at Monterey Bay Sea Aquarium before pursuing his PhD. in Scotland…
The picture is of Chad which, in it’s context, defines Chad..Although an Internationally known marine biologist on all matters jellyfish and published author on the subject, Chad is one hell of a laid back, great guy.  Huge Harley enthusiasts, surfer extraordinaire and a tank commander in the military.  As he put it, “fun way to blow stuff up”..Chad is currently at Edinburgh soon to begin jelly research in the North Sea while completing his Doctoral work…We will share with you what Chad can share with us during the course of his study….Stayed tuned!!

Are You Protected?

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