Captain Stingbad’s crewman grows jellyfish..

Shiver me Timbers Matey’s…Crewman Chad Widmer has raised sea creatures right in his own lab…argh!  These here be cultured specimens of the Northeast Pacific sea nettles, Chrysaora fuscescens and a nasty stingin’ animal it be…argh..But we can be handlin’ them stings cause we got the 1st aid formula…step lively here to look at the crew handlin’ these stingers….…we be using StingMate for them nasty stings…argh….lookie here ye non believers this ain’t no tail of far away treasures…’Nay mates!..5% acetic StingMate goes on every voyage…That thar acetic acid be vinegar…argh!!!

Pictures and information provided by Chad WidmerPhD student, University of St. Andrews..Northernmost Fulbrighter for more information



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