Captain Stingbad discovers killer jellyfish..

Lemon Jellies

Deep Sea jellyfish

Argh Mates!! Cast us to the deep seas, we’ve found a killer jellyfish Matey’s…our trusty crew found this Aegina citrea jellyfish in the deep and this yellow creature actually feeds on other jellyfish…Speakin of that mates, the ocean’s sea turtle has always been told amongst we Captain’s as the number 1 jellyfish predator but seems like this little yellow bugger has mutinied against his clan..eatin’ his own…argh!!…While I’m on the subject Buckaroo’s, plastic bags are killin me hardy sea turtles cause they are a thinkin thems be the jelly…bag gets stuck and the turtle dies from suffocatin’…not a fit endin for such a noble beast so ye be keepin them oceans clean of ye shoppin bags…ye hear me now or do we need to give ye a broadside ?? ARGH!!!!

Pictures and information provided by Chad WidmerPhD student, University of St. Andrews..Northernmost Fulbrighter for more information

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