Jellyfish Discovery

photos and information provided by Chad Widmer PhD student, University of St. Andrews Northernmost Fulbrighter

Follow the Captains trail across the oceans of the world in search of Jellyfish and marine science excitement.  Battle the elments with the Captain as he plunges to unknown depths to find marine animals of all sizes, colors, and discoveries.  From the North Sea, the Artic Poles, the Sea of Cortez, the Mediterranean, Pacific and Atlantic oceans, the Captain will report each week on the what the seas will bear true…gold, silver ye ask matey’s??…argh no mates…we be searchin’ for sea creatures….argh….!!!!!

Here be the Amphinema rollinsi; a new discovery by ship’s mate and PhD student, University of St. Andrews
Northernmost Fulbrighter and Marine Biologist Chad Widmer..  these little jellies are about 3 millimeters tall and live in the deep sea below 1100 meters.  Chad named the Ampinema rollinsi in honor of Henri Rollins for his noble USO service. (photos and information provided by 1st Mate Chad)

Argh..more to come from ..StingMate Vinegar based Jellyfish first aid gel….

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