The American Red Cross and American Heart Recommends Vinegar For Stings Association

The ARC and AHA announced changes to guidelines for administering first aid. Among the revisions are updated recommendations for the treatment of jellyfish stings. The First Aid Guidelines are being published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.  Volunteer experts from more than 30 national and international organizations joined the Red Cross and the American Heart Association in reviewing 38 separate first aid questions. Experts analyzed the science behind them and worked to reach consensus on the treatment recommendations.  In looking at the treatment of jellyfish stings, the revised guidelines reaffirm the recommendation to use vinegar to treat the sting. The vinegar neutralizes the venom and may prevent it from spreading. After the vinegar deactivates the venom, immersing the area in hot water for about 20 minutes is effective for reducing pain.  Hot water at 113 degrees for 12-18 minutes on the Man of War injury based on triple blind, scientifically monitored results Australia Medical Journal 2007.  Find a hot tube close by, heat water, hot towel or look for the StingMate Portuguese Man of War Kit in January…The active ingredient in StingMate is 5% acetic acid….Lidocaine Free and safe to use on all ages…

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